Upcoming Unnamed Concept Mini Album & Cosmink EP

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Exciting times!

We’re currently working on a new concept EP/mini album. It’s the story of an imminent nuclear WWIII caused by the corruption of our governments worldwide, particularly in the West. It’s got the usual TMS references to global conspiracies, wars for oil profit, puppet and shadow governments, manipulation by the media, aliens & space travel…

John Lindsay of The Depot Studios in Granton is producing and we’re very excited by the sound, which captures better our live style & energy than previous recordings. Drums have already been tracked at Post Electric Studio in Leith with John & Rod Jones of Idlewild. We haven’t set a date for release but all being well it should be out later this year.

Cosmink E.P. recorded at Chamber Studio in Edinburgh with our great friend, Michael Street, is out.  It consists of three tracks, Under the Sea, Days in the Sun and the extended prog-freakout, The Stars Up Above.  It is available on CD and digital download at iTunes & Bandcamp. If you’re too tight or like to shaft hard-working musicians to put money in the pockets of company execs, you can stream the EP on Shitify.